November 4-6, 2019 | Marriott Downtown at CF Toronto Eaton Centre

Call For Content









Thank you for your interest in presenting at the 2018 Canadian ISP Summit. The Content Committee strives to deliver a variety of content that is of interest to our attendees.

The Summit attracts executives and personnel from both the independent ISP and carrier markets. We expect a mix of 350 executive and technical attendees with a slight leaning towards management.

Our theme this year is “Beyond Connectivity”.

Broadband connectivity at home and at work is now an expectation for most Canadians. The increasing availability and adoption of new products and services that use that connectivity is shifting consumer focus from simply wanting a high-speed connection to finding a high-speed service that meets their specific needs. Traditional focus on details such as Mbps and Gbps is giving way to questions that relate to specific use cases in the home: Do I have enough data? Will it support everyone in my home using the service simultaneously? Are the right protocols supported? Can it reach all my devices? Does it have ‘Five Nines’ reliability?

Understanding the implications of this shift in consumer focus away from connectivity will assist service providers to prepare for changing demands on their infrastructure, meet evolving customer expectations, and maximize the value of their service offerings.

This year’s Keynote speakers, sessions and panels will explore these ideas further, and help identify other challenges and opportunities important to service providers of all sizes.

Key topics may touch on some, or all, of the following areas:

Industrial IOT – Increased Productivity Opportunities / Software Defined Networking as an Enabler of IOT / Changes Brought by Industrial IOT
Consumer IOT – Household Trends / How Consumer IOT Adoption is Driving New Business Models and Service Requirements
AI – Leveraging AI to Improve Customer Experiences / New AI-Driven Applications and Services / AI-Driven Changes to the Workforce
Big Data – Impact of Big Data on ISPs / What Data Can or Should an ISP be Leveraging
Business – How These Changes are Impacting a Business’ Leadership Needs, Marketing Efforts, Workforce Requirements, and Growth Opportunities


Preference is always given to content that is vendor agnostic. The sessions are not meant to be sales pitches as we find that simply does not engage the audience.

The exception to the above rule is a case study given by or about an independent ISP that focuses mainly on how they approach a problem (e.g. how we migrated to offer cloud hosting from our traditional services).

Regardless of the format, we ask you to clearly give us an idea of the message you hope attendees will take away from your presentation.