Call For Content


Thank you for your interest in presenting at the 2019 Canadian ISP Summit. The Content Committee strives to deliver a variety of content that is of interest to our attendees.

The Summit attracts executives and personnel from both the independent ISP and carrier markets. We expect a mix of over 375 executive and technical attendees with a slight leaning towards management.

Our theme this year is “INNOVATION”.

Our industry is going through sea force changes, which raises challenging questions as to “What’s next?”, “What does the future look like for Canadian ISPs?” and “Will your company be ready to find and capitalize on the opportunities that come with disruptive innovation?

INNOVATION has become an unbounded force in all aspects of business. New technologies are rapidly evolving not only for every industry, but in all aspects of our lives. ISPs themselves must innovate at an exponential pace in order to survive in an increasingly competitive market. What will consumer needs be? And how will ISPs meet those needs?

This year’s Summit will present thought-provoking insights, next-level trends, and emerging technologies. ISPs will gain valuable knowledge about the integration and commercialization of cutting-edge technologies into their businesses, hear inspiring success stories, and gain practical insights and actionable takeaways.

This year’s Keynote speakers, sessions and panels will identify and explore critical and exciting aspects of change in the industry, the daunting challenges they present, and offer innovative solutions to those challenges. We will also explore the latest and greatest ideas fueling our economy today. We will provide relevant insight to businesses of all sizes with the intention of helping the entire industry progress.

Topics may touch on some or all of the following areas relating to INNOVATION:

  • Technology - How It’s Driving Change in Customer Experience: Expectation-Demand-Consumption-Behaviour / The future of Voice / Next Generation Connectivity / Internet of Things / The Transformation of TV & Video Services / Virtual Reality / Research & Development / Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning
  • Business/Marketing/Sales How Has Innovation Changed The Way ISPs Compete In The Marketplace / B2B & B2C / How Are Influencers Changing The Way ISPs Market To Their Customers / Content vs Native Marketing / Social Media Platforms / What Will ISPs Look Like In 5 Years? What About 10 years? / How To Respond To Disruptive Innovation / Different Channels / How Are ISPs Acquiring & Retaining Customers / How Is The Digital Space Influencing The Traditional Ways Of Advertising & Sales / Online Sales vs Call Center Sales vs Retail Sales
  • Privacy – How Are Innovations Causing Concerns, Threats, etc. / How Is Innovation Helping With Privacy / Data Ownership / Open Source Technology / Is There A Role For ISPs When It Comes To Deepfake?
  • Regulatory - The Appropriate Role Of Regulation In The Face Of Disruptive Innovation / How Is The Regulatory Environment Adapting To Innovation / FTTH As A Game-Changer / The Long Delays Competitors Have faced in Accessing FTTH / IPTV…“Over-The-Top” TV & Its Relationship With The BDU License / Netflix & Its Disruption Of The Content Ecosystem In Canada / Nuisance Calling - Call Blocking



Preference is always given to content that is vendor agnostic. The sessions are not meant to be sales pitches as we find that simply does not engage the audience.

Regardless of the format, we ask you to clearly give us an idea of the message you hope attendees will take away from your presentation.

The proposal submission form is available here.

Please complete the submission form and email to by July 1, 2019.