Greg Lang

Greg Lang is Major Case Director and Strategic Policy Advisor at Canada’s antitrust agency – the Competition Bureau. In his role, Greg works to champion competition within the regulated sectors of the Canadian economy.


Greg joined the Bureau in 2006 and, most recently, led the Bureau’s recent Market Study on Broadband Competition in Canada. In his current role, Greg regularly leads or participates in the Bureau’s submissions in CRTC proceedings, including the ongoing Wholesale Wireless Review, as well as the Wireless Code, Wireless Roaming, Differential Pricing, and Lower-Cost Data-Only proceedings. In addition to telecommunications, Greg has significant experience working with regulators of taxis, alcohol products, energy, and self-regulated professions.


Prior to his current role, Greg was a Senior Officer in the Bureau’s Mergers Branch, where he was responsible for determining the impact of corporate mergers and acquisitions on the Canadian economy. In this work, Greg led significant reviews in the telecommunications, airlines, ticketing, and beverages sectors.