Matt Mangriotis

Matt Mangriotis, Director of Product Management, currently leads Cambium Networks’ Point-To-Multipoint (PMP) portfolio of products. After graduating from University of Illinois with a BS then MS Degree in Materials Sciences and Engineering, he has spent over 20 years in telecommunications, leading New Product Introduction for Motorola on a variety of products from mobile phones to mission critical two-way radio infrastructure. After earning a MBA from Kellogg School of Management, Matt was asked to join the Motorola Canopy group as a product manager, launching the first-ever OFDM-based technology. Maintaining continuity through the inception of Cambium Networks, Matt launched the PMP 450 portfolio, which he has grown to almost half of Cambium Networks’ total revenue. Most recently, Matt has launched the cnMedusa™ Massive Multi-User MIMO technology, a leading edge innovation to propel the platform forward.